A visualisation tool for RDF developers…

Version: 0.1 (prototype)

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See also:

RDFViz development page at ILRT
sample svg output
GraphViz (the underlying system RDFViz uses)
W3C SiRPAC page (online parser, now with GraphViz-based images, Java src available)
Frodo RDFS-Viz, an RDF Schema visualisation tool
W3C RDF home page
Handy tools:

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RDFViz this!
… a Javascript ‘bookmarklet’, and can be added to toolbar in IE, Netscape (try dragging, otherwise use Bookmark/Favourite manager). To use: select when browsing raw RDF to view using RDFViz
demo1.svg (test SVG file; amended after GraphViz generation)
Privacy warning: the RDFViz service implemented here will expose your RDF data in various forms in a public directory. Only use this system for files you’re happy others seeing.

maintainer: dan brickley