Spyware And Viruses

Hackers are out to not only use your operating system but also use your details and resources for hacking. This article will step by step guide you on how to keep your resources safe. Hackers can attack you in some ways, using your Wi-Fi, OS, through smartphones or network services.

Protecting your PC suit

  • You must be up to date to fight hacking viruses. To achieve this, check for Windows updates regularly. Decide on whether to install optional updates or not.
  • Keep your often used browser up to date.
  • Create a Windows admin password and login passwords.
  • Avoid using the same password for a long period. Change it regularly.
  • All diseases have medicine. Meaning, there is an antivirus for every virus. Purchase antiviruses of your choice or you can as well download it from the internet. It is advisable to buy an antivirus with legal activation keys.
  • Keeping your OS safe is equivalent to keeping emails and browsers safe. Trash all emails of no importance from unknown sources. Avoid giving out personal details to trust less or unknown websites.
  • Do not click on any links in your email that look questionable. You never know, it might be an antivirus.

Keeping your personal details safe

  • Keep a backup of all important messages, calls, emails and any other file on your tablet or PC. Not backing up is risking your important data.
  • Stay in a world of passwords. Protect all data with strong passwords. You must never forget your passwords.
  • Do not let just any one touch your phone except for people you know or family members.
  • Avoid using your birthdates, mobile numbers or anniversary dates as your passwords.
  • Avoid keeping your Bluetooth on if not using it. To share applications, use private sharing tools.
  • Some of us think that antivirus is made for computers only, the truth is there is antivirus for mobile phones as well.
  • You can keep your PC, laptop and mobile phone safe with the above simple steps. Tell a friend and family members on the same. When you loved one’s loss data, it affects all of you in one way or the other. You are in charge of your electronic devices, which carry important files and documents. Purpose to get all antivirus and update your OS from time to time. You might spend some money, yes, but it cannot be compared to when all your sensitive and valuable data is lost.