Benefits of using USB flash drives

USB flash disks are a common way of data storage. Their portability and versatility make them the best option for many. They are categorized as high quality because they can last long. This is made possible because they do not have movable parts. Compared to other storage devices like the hard drives, they are more resistant to tear and wear. This article will outline more benefits of USB flash drives.



pen driveTheir small sizes make it possible to carry them anywhere anytime. You can easily attach them to a chain or sip them into your cloth pockets. Mostly they are between three to two inches. Some come in large sizes like the novelty designs that are preferred by a certain group of buyers. In addition to the durability, they are more suitable for carrying around.


They carry a memory of 1GB to 128 GB. Prices depend on the size. Like for instance, the 1GB ones are cheap, suitable for simple files and light storage. If you want to run a program or backup, get a USB of a higher memory capacity. I would recommend the use of 32 GB USB drives for high load jobs. With larger sizes, you will be able to store more, like, movies, photographs, and music.

Transfer speed

Regarding transfer, they are way better compared to other storage devices like an SD memory card. A 3.0 USB, for example, transfers files at a speed of 7.8 gigabytes per second. Such speed is impressive compared to 312MB of an SD memory card.


This is the standard option to connect to all storage devices and electronic devices. They are compatible with all PC and laptops. Almost all netbooks, desktops and laptops are built with ports to insert the USB. There are other types of USB which can read memory cards.

Purpose made applications

pen drive on laptopThere are numerous applications and programs built to run from the USB drives. Software applications like web browsers, image editors, office software and games can be operated directly from the USB.

Lower power

USB flash drives are built to use little power. This is because they do not have moving parts or motors. Compared to hard disk drives, they consume little power.…