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Negative and Positive Impacts of Technology And Video Games

With the advancement of technology and video games nowadays and our children are being exposed to these items and modernization. There is a high chance that they will be addicted to these games and technologies. One negative impact of video games is that they will know how to buy league smurfs that will cost a lot of money. One of the positive effects that it can give to children is that they can interact with other people on specific games. With these, let us know more about the different negative and positive effects of video games and technologies on our children.

The following are the negative impacts of video games or technologies to our children.

attention to gadgetLoose of Focus

One of the best negative impacts of technology and gaming is that our children will not be able to focus on specific tasks or things that they need to finish, like household chores, school homework or projects. Because of their addiction to games and technologies, there is a possibility that their attention is always being drawn on playing a video game or using modern technologies. Instead, they can finish their task as fast as possible, it will be a no because of their addiction to video games and technologies.

Damage to Eyesight

The number one needed to use video games and technologies is their eyesight. Because of the addiction that they are experiencing, their eye is being overused, wherein it will cause severe damage to their vision that could lead to blurriness or blinding of eyes. This kind of loss is harmful because they need to go for some medication and a possibility that they will carry it for the next few years.

The following are the positive effects of video games and technologies.

understand their gadgetSocial Connection

With the help of technology and video games, there is a high chance that the child will be able to connect to other people for example: in playing League of Legends, their platform has a feature that players that you are playing with will be able to communicate to you. With this, they can enhance their communication ability with other people because they interact with a lot of people when they are using technologies and playing video games.

Understand of Technology

With their exposure to video games and technology at a young age, they can already learn and already practice the proper use of technology. They can achieve a great understanding of video games and modern technologies if they guide their children on how to use them.…