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Data Recovery

Dos And Don’ts Of Data Loss

Data loss leads to panic and chaos to many. What many people do not know is that with the right steps, it is possible to recover any lost data from your PC or laptop. In cases where the hard drive is still available and active, you have some options to recover lost data on your own. If however the hard drive is mechanically damaged, only a professional can help you get the lost data. Read on to get information on what to do and what not to in case you lose data.


  • Contact a professional if you are not sure of what is needed to get your lost data. If you have a backup machine, research and learn basics of data recovery before trying to recover it from the spoilt PC.
  • If you do not have any experience with computers, it is advisable to get someone with experience to guide you on what to do. This is so if the data in the machine is of high importance.
  • Get data recovery tools online and use the trial free versions to find out if the lost data is still available. If the trial is successful, you can invest in the full software to recover your data.
  • Do not try to save data on the external drive or backup to check the files readiness and integrity. In many cases, it is possible to copy the files but if the issues are related to corrupted OS.
  • Check your critical data, photos, and files from time to time, to ensure they are safe.


  • Never try to load up a recovery software on the drive or partition with the lost files. It will in most cases lead to overwriting making it impossible to recover the lost data.
  • hard diskAvoid temptations of opening the PC or laptop to check the inside components or the hard drive. There is nothing you can do by DIY at this moment. It will be safe and better if you take the machine to a professional who will repair the hardware in a clean and safe environment.
  • At any moment of data loss, try to stay calm and consider all options before deciding on what to do. Panic and rush will make you do things that make it harder to recover your lost data.